3D-Knitted Circular Orgbags: Find your stylish organized companion


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Experience the versatility of multiple bags in one

Experience seamless transitions throughout your day with our modular design, thoughtful organization, and transformer functionality.

Whether it's a business tote, a backpack for a bike ride, or an evening clutch, you decide what's next.

How fast can you find what you need in your bag?

Introducing Orgbag – a conscientiously crafted handbag with specially designed compartments for your everyday necessities. Stay both organized and modern while on the move.

  • Power of Sustainable Design

    Creating each bag directly from 100% RECYCLED durable GRS certified nylon YARN

  • Meticulously Organization


    3D-KNITTING IN ONE PIECE – even with all integrated seamless pockets

  • Sustainable Chic Elegance

    RESPONSIBLY PRODUCING IN EU (Austria and Germany) using up to 100% renewable energy

  • Versatile Style Evolution

    Enabling future closed-loop fiber-to-fiber recycling thanks to MONOMATERIAL APPROACH

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How are bags normally manufactured today?

Most productions use tanned leather, blended materials and adhesives - that doom bags to be non-recyclable and have devastating CO2, land and water footprints.
It is highly manual production and is often hapenning in low-income countries and involves assembly of multiple parts and lots of transportation.
Up to 40% of used materials is wasted during production due to cut-outs.

We want to reimagine the way bags are produced

We use 3D-knitting to create bag's body directly out of yarn in the right form and with all the functioning pockets – directly in 1 piece with close-to-0-waste.
Highly-automated production enables responsible manufacturing in Europe (Austria) using up to 100% renewable energy.
Confectioning and finishings are done with local craftanship (in Germany).

Ready to experience the perfect blend of sustainability, organization, and style?

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