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GREEN KNIT is on a mission to create truly sustainable handbags with customized design and throught-though interior organization

Experience the versatility of multiple bags in one

Our modular design, thoughtful interior organization, and transformer functionality seamlessly transition you through your day

From a business tote for travel to a backpack for a bike ride, to an evening clutch – you decide what comes next

Green Knit Essentials Bag

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Discover the future of fashion with GREEN KNIT

We present you Orgbag – sustainable handbag thoughtfully designed to have dedicated space for all your daily essentials, ensuring you stay organized and stylish on the go

Green Knit Essentials Bag

Orgbag – where sustainability meets transformative functionality

meticulously created following circular and user-centered design principles


Power of Sustainable Design

Embrace a greener future with our handbags crafted from 100% recycled nylon.

Utilizing advanced 3D-knitting technology, we produce our bags directly from yarn, minimizing waste, reducing the number of parts required and maximizing resource efficiency.

Our commitment to sustainable materials ensures a guilt-free fashion choice.

Thought-Through Organization

Say goodbye to chaos with our thoughtfully designed interior organization.

Every pocket is seamlessly integrated through innovative knitting techniques, providing practical storage solutions for all your essentials.

Stay effortlessly organized throughout your day, knowing that everything has its dedicated place.

Unique Knitted Aesthetics

Make a fashion statement with our handbags’ distinctive knitted texture.

The unique appeal of our innovative knitted material sets you apart and showcases your commitment to sustainable style.

Embrace the beauty of eco-friendly fashion without compromising on aesthetics.

Versatility and Transformer Functionality

Experience the freedom of versatility and unlock endless possibilities with our transformative handbags.

Our bags effortlessly adapt to your changing needs, taking you from a business tote for travel to a backpack for a bike ride, or an evening clutch for a night out.

With exchangeable handles and modular design, our bags offer endless possibilities to express your personal style in every situation.

Fashion Industry is broken

shocking “dirty little secret” facts speak for themselves

Fashion is responsible for using resources inefficiently

of global CO2

of global
waste water

material waste
in production


and bags today are unfortunately one of the most wasteful fashion items

footprint of a
leather handbag



years of water
to drink for a person



CO2 emissions from
an average flight for a passenger

GREEN KNIT – With Love to the Planet

we want to help rethink the way handbags are manufactured



Say no to leather and waste of resources!

Make a conscious choice for a sustainable product for a lifetime

With our innovative 3D knitting approach, we make it possible to prioritize sustainability without compromising on design or functionality

Vegan & Resource Efficient

Enjoy the beauty of our bags while having a significantly lower CO2 impact and water consumption, as well as minimum wasted material compared to leather alternatives.

Modular & Durable Design

Mix and match modules to fit your bag to your current needs and situation, and enjoy durable material fit for daily use.

Supporting Circular Economy

We use 100% recycled nylon as the main yarn and aim to allow for easy recyclability of the bags at the end of their usage - up to aspiration to enable fiber-to-fiber recycling for a more sustainable future.

Responsibly Made in EU

With a fully transparent supply chain, our bags are designed and produced in the EU (Austria) using renewable (solar and water) energy.

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Green Knit stands for the sustainable circular brand inspired by the idea to give everyone a chance to create the bag they need and deserve

Using resource-efficient 3D knitting technology, we create bags that respect the environment without compromising aesthetics and practicality

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