Our mission

Hello, I'm Kseniya, the founder of GREEN KNIT who is driven by a mission to create sustainable and functional handbags tailored to the dynamic lifestyles of contemporary women and men. As a passionate advocate for sustainability, a  business professional, and a mother of three, I understand the challenges of balancing a hectic life while staying true to our principles.

GREEN KNIT was born out of personal experiences as a frequent business traveler and a working mother who sought organizational solutions in any situation. Recognizing the difficulty of finding the ideal handbag that seamlessly integrates sustainability, functionality, and style, I engaged in numerous conversations with active business individuals. These discussions revealed a shared yearning for a bag that not only exudes style but also caters to our distinctive needs.


With GREEN KNIT, my aim was to challenge the conventional norms in the fashion industry. I firmly believe that making sustainable choices should not entail compromising practicality or design. Hence, I embarked on a journey to create handbags that not only minimize their environmental footprint but also offer personalized features for effective organization and versatility for each individual.

Our approach is revolves around pioneering 3D knitting technology and the utilization of 100% recycled nylon yarn. By directly knitting the bag bodies, we eliminate waste and reduce the necessity for additional production and transportation steps. This marks a significant stride toward a more sustainable future, where we can revel in beautiful and practical fashion in a responsible and resource-efficient manner.

GREEN KNIT extends beyond being just a sustainable brand; it is about empowering you to stay organized and co-design your own bag. Acknowledging that everyone possesses unique preferences and needs, we aspire to provide further customization options in the future.  This enables you to choose color patterns and pocket sizes that resonate with your personal style and organizational requirements.

GREEN KNIT is beyond bags, it's about granting you the freedom to express individuality and discover a bag that seamlessly aligns with your lifestyle. It aspires to be a platform where you revel in the joy of owning a bag integrated into your daily routine.

Join us in the journey towards a more sustainable and personalized fashion future. To bag enthusiasts, share your preferences; let's shape the future together. Designers, collaborate with us to develop new and innovative designs that combine style and sustainability. If you’re a knitting manufacturer who shares our vision, let’s partner together to bring production-on-demand to life. And to the media, your support in educating consumers about the importance of sustainable solutions in fashion is welcomed. Let's consciously choose practicality, versatility, and environmental responsibility without compromising style.


Warm regards,
Kseniya, founder of GREEN KNIT